Аbout Us

Novator is a service company for providing domestic manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCB) with high-quality materials, technologies and timely and qualified equipment maintenance.

Our mission is the exchange of accumulated knowledge and experience with domestic manufacturers of printed circuit boards to achieve international standards of complexity and quality of products.

Why partners choose us?

  • Supply of a wide range of basic and auxiliary materials for the production of PP of the most famous international and domestic brands.
  • Own materials warehouse numbers thousands of items and is constantly expanding.
  • Recommendations of experienced engineers and technologists of the best production of PP in Russia on the experience of the use of various technologies and materials
  • Honest information about the actual experience of using the equipment, frequency of breakdowns, advantages and disadvantages
  • Conducting field workshops and training sessions on various technological subtleties and the most efficient use of equipment and materials
  • Prompt servicing of equipment and finding solutions in difficult non-warranty cases
  • Own warehouse of spare parts for repair and service in Russia and Europe
  • Availability of related services for the effective use of the supplied materials
  • If a client does not have certain equipment or technology, we will organize “outsourcing” of this part of the technological process on the production base of another, more equipped partner
  • We do not promote brands according to the principle of “exclusives” – we offer optimal solutions for our partners, based on their requirements and capabilities.
  • Every customer becomes our long-term partner!