PCB Equipment AOI

AOI Camtek Orion 828-WR for pcb production

Number: 402156

Used equipment, produced in 2008. The unit is in excellent technical condition, fully operational and ready for use. PCB Technology Down: to 50 µm line/space Throughput: Up to 90 sides/hour (application dependent) based on 24”x18” (610mm x 457mm) panel size Panel Size (Maximum): 30”x24”(762mm x 610mm) Panel Thickness Range: 1 – 200mil ( 0.025mm – […]

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Optical control is an obligatory procedure for the production of parts. The product is monitored immediately after soldering and identifies various defects formed, helps to detect soldering, jumper or poor-quality soldering, lack of components, also reads the marking of components, and assesses the quality of joints.

In this section, optical control systems using the technology for the automatic detection of critical defects are presented.