PCB Equipment Electrical control

Universal grid testing machine ATG A3030 for pcb production

Number: 402533

This type of equipment is used to test workpieces for gaps and short circuits of the conductive pattern. A feature of the ATG A3030 model is the use of precise positioning of workpieces using optical alignment of marks located on the outer layers. The use of the four-probe method in the work of the ATG […]

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Cits500s controlled impedance test system for pcb production

Number: 9048

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The CITS500s Controlled is an impedance test system designed to provide low automated measurement of the resistance characteristic of boards and test coupons. The CITS500s system is shown in the figure below.

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Test system with flying testers ATG A6-a / 16 for pcb production

Number: 9051

ATG A6-a/16 works with IPC-D-356A data format and is Equipped with 16 flying testers (8 top, 8 bottom), which significantly reduces the operation time. The possibility of minimal damage to the PP due to the built-in Soft touch function with pressing from 5 to 15 g on the contacts. High positioning accuracy due to the camera with high resolution (1024×768 pixel) with a step of 5 microns.

Electrical control of printed circuit boards includes checking the printed circuit boards for defects, integrity control circuits.
The most common methods include:

Electric control with the help of “flying probes”:

It is applied to all types of productions. The installation uses at least 4 movable sensors that use pads when switching tested circuits to measure the value of circuit resistance or insulation.

Adapter Management:

For each type of printed circuit board, a test adapter is made, which is a base board with installed test probes. During testing, the adapter is pressed against the printed circuit board, which must be checked, which provides a one-time contact with all the tested points, which allows you to quickly check a large number of printed circuit boards.