PCB Equipment Loaders and unloaders

Loader/Unloader NovaSTAR and centring conveer with 2D-code recognition function for pcb production

Number: 406818

Loader/Unloader NovaSTAR Dimensions LxWxH: 1100x1200x1000 (working height 1500) in mm Connecting to email networks: 220-230V 700W Compressed air requirement: 5bar 30L/min The NovaSTAR battery can operate as both a loader and an unloader of workpieces. Vacuum gripper allows workpieces to be moved without damaging the surface. The portable control panel can be placed on any […]

Pola&Massa CRT-VEL 13.008 for pcb production

Number: 272961

Unloader Pola&Massa CRT-VEL 13.008 Dimensions WxHxD: 1000x1000x700mm Electricity: 220V 5A Max. size of boards: 650x500x8mm

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Loader Pola & Massa CRT-VEL for pcb production

Number: 272896

Stack loader Pola & Massa CRT-VEL S / N: 13.008 Power supply: 220V 0.75 KW Dimensions WxHxD: 1000x1200x800 mm Working conveyor width 650mm

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Conveyor LHMT ATZ 730 for pcb production

Number: 239232

Conveyor LHMT ATZ 730 s/n: 16.780.100/002 with centering function Electricity: 220V 0.5A Dimensions WxHxD: 800x900x800 Maximum workpiece size: 700x700mm Conveyor speed adjustable up to 8m / min.

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Загрузчик Alfa

Alfa unloader for pcb production

Number: 221257

The Alfa unloader is in excellent condition, fully functional and ready for shipment from our warehouse in Russia.

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Unloaders and loaders are an integral part of any automated line and are designed to organize the continuous loading and unloading of printed circuit boards.

The loaders are fixed at the beginning of the assembly line in front of the solder paste printer or the board dry cleaning device and are used to automatically feed the boards to the line conveyor. Unloaders are divided into three types: loaders from a stack of boards, loaders with a board drive and vacuum loaders. You can control the bootloader using the remote control.

Unloaders are fixed at the end of the assembly line after a soldering furnace or other soldering equipment and perform smooth transportation of printed circuit boards and placing them in a drive.

Conveyor systems help to fully automate the line, increase productivity and reduce the level of scrap.