PCB Equipment Filling the transition holes

Head washing installation for pcb production

The installation serves to clean the heads of applying a protective paste at the end of work. The body and protective covers are made of high quality stainless steel. The unit is equipped with a fireproof high pressure pump.

Paste application unit for pcb production

The paste application unit is designed to fill through holes with a protective paste.

Removing excess for pcb production

The external squeegee is designed to clean the workpieces from excess paste after application.

Pasta recycling system for pcb production

The paste recirculation system filters the paste from dust and air bubbles, refills replaceable cartridges to reuse valuable material collected from the panel surface while removing excess.

Manual application of the paste for pcb production

The tool is used for manual, spot application of the paste on the workpiece. The squeezing out of the paste is carried out by supplying compressed air with pressure regulation.

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