Special offer for PCB equipment

Pola&Massa CRT-VEL 13.008 for pcb production

Number: 272961

Unloader Pola&Massa CRT-VEL 13.008 Dimensions WxHxD: 1000x1000x700mm Electricity: 220V 5A Max. size of boards: 650x500x8mm

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Disoxidation line Hollmuller 2870 for pcb production

Number: 272948

Line for chemical surface preparation with standby mode and second control system – touch panel. The machine consists of 7 modules Dimensions WxHxD: 1500x900x8900mm Brand: Hollmuller S / N: 2870 / 1-7 Year of issue: 2000 Electricity: 400V 60KW Micro-etching chamber length: 1700mm

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Loader Pola & Massa CRT-VEL for pcb production

Number: 272896

Stack loader Pola & Massa CRT-VEL S / N: 13.008 Power supply: 220V 0.75 KW Dimensions WxHxD: 1000x1200x800 mm Working conveyor width 650mm

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MacDermit Multibond oxidation line for pcb production

Number: 272843

MacDermit Multibond oxidation line s / n: 13-6587-00 / 40 WxHxL: 1560 x 2800 (900 mm conveyor height) x 15860 in mm Conveyor working width 650mm Maximum workpiece thickness: 3.4 mm Conveyor speed: 0-4.5 meters per minute Power supply: 380V 80KW

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InkJet Printer Sprint 100 for pcb production

Number: 272698

Dimension of boards 785х620мм Thickness of boards 0.1-7.5мм Printing resolustion 720-1440 DPI Min line 75 мкм Dimensions 1600mm x 1850 x 1600

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