PCB Equipment Wet processes

Disoxidation line Hollmuller 2870 for pcb production

Number: 272948

Line for chemical surface preparation with standby mode and second control system – touch panel. The machine consists of 7 modules Dimensions WxHxD: 1500x900x8900mm Brand: Hollmuller S / N: 2870 / 1-7 Year of issue: 2000 Electricity: 400V 60KW Micro-etching chamber length: 1700mm

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MacDermit Multibond oxidation line for pcb production

Number: 272843

MacDermit Multibond oxidation line s / n: 13-6587-00 / 40 WxHxL: 1560 x 2800 (900 mm conveyor height) x 15860 in mm Conveyor working width 650mm Maximum workpiece thickness: 3.4 mm Conveyor speed: 0-4.5 meters per minute Power supply: 380V 80KW

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Blackhole line Holemuller for pcb production

Number: 10468

Blackhole line Holemuller. The line is in excellent condition, fully operational and ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Russia.

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Multibond Macdermid for pcb production

Number: 198793

Multibond Macdermid. The equipment is in excellent condition, fully functional and ready for shipment from our warehouse in Russia.

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Machine for mechanical surface preparation Hollmuller for pcb production

Number: 221392

Machine for mechanical surface preparation with the function of automatic measurement of the thickness of the workpiece. LxWxH: 6100x2000x1000mm Brand: Hollmüller S / N: 2613 / 1-7 Year of issue: 1998 The conveyor speed is adjustable. Power supply: 400V 55 kW 3 phases, neutral and ground

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Operations involving the use of various working solutions for processing or cleaning surfaces of printed circuit boards (etching, development, micro-etching, etc.) are called “wet processes”.

This section presents the widest assortment of the best equipment necessary for surface treatment of PP, the manifestation of film photoresist or mask, cleaning and etching of copper.