Laboratory Reactor with Heater and Orbital Shaker RS 9000 Heater / Shaker Reaction

Laboratory Reactor RS 9000 Heater / Shaker Reaction Station – can be used in conjunction with a robotic station or as a free-standing laboratory instrument.

When installed on a robotic platform, heating and stirring of the reactor is fully automated by means of software installed on a PC via RS232 / RS485 / GSIOC ports.

When working with a laboratory reactor as a separate device, parameters are controlled via an adaptive touchscreen (.touchscreen).

The touch screen allows you to set the temperature and stirring speed using conventional arrows, including the current parameters are displayed on the screen with high quality resolution.

Power Requirements 230V, 50-60Hz, 900W
Temperature range from room temperature up to 150 ° C
Timer From 1 hour to 99 hours
Stir speed 100 to 600 rpm
LCD screen Two-line dot matrix backlit LCD
Weight without reactor block 42 Kg
Max upload size 7 kg for one reactor block
Dimensions (W x H x D) 240 x 510 x 165 mm
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