Photoplotter FP-25000 XL

Small-sized raster photoplotter FP-25000 XL, CADWare Czech Republic is designed for users who need to make photo masks quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Despite its small overall dimensions and low output speed, the photoplotter allows you to get very high quality results. The surprisingly low price of a product is the sum of complex technical solutions and low production costs.

The photoplotter forms an image on the film with a solid-state laser emitter beam, which has a step-by-step movement along the axis of the rotating drum. The film is attached with paper tape to the outside of the drum.

The photoplotter is connected to a personal computer via a USB port, or a working file is loaded directly from a USB flash drive. No separate PC required and the photoplotter works as a standalone device with a touchscreen display.

The photoplotter is controlled by a special program RUN Plotter running in MS Windows.

Maximum film size 450mm x 380mm
Maximum output area 430 mm x 365 mm
Drum diameter 150 mm
Print speed (at 2032 dpi) 7 mm / min
Resolution (16256 x 25400) dpi
Light source 670nm laser diode (red)
Data Formats Gerber (RS 274D, RS 274 X), Hi-ResBMP
Dimensions (L x W x H) 710 x 400 x 280 mm
Weight 38 kg
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