Repair center ERSA IR 550 A with assembly station PL 550 A

Repair center ERSA IR 550 A with microprocessor control.

High-precision assembly station PL 550 A (for joint work with the repair center).

Repair Center Specifications

  • Powerful IR heaters (top: 60×60 mm; bottom: 135×260 mm)
  • Patented Heating System
  • Non-contact temperature measurement of a component with an IR sensor (thermocouple optional)
  • Easy and quick creation of temperature profiles
  • Cooling the component directly at the repair center
  • Integrated vacuum gripper for disassembling components
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjusting parameters using an external keyboard
  • IRSoft software for documenting process parameters

Crafting Station Specifications

  • Mounting SMT components up to 40×40 mm
  • Installation accuracy: +/- 10 microns
  • High precision X-Y table positioning
  • High-contrast LED illumination (highlighting component pins and pads)
  • Automatically turn on vacuum when touching a component
  • Integrated light convection chamber
  • Easy adjustment of mounting head, zoom, focus and illumination via external keyboard
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