Repair station BGA NS-PRO-650

The most popular system for repairing microcircuits on printed circuit boards, such as BGA, QFP, SOIC, etc.

The system includes a touchscreen control screen, 3 individual temperature zones, 6 independent lower preheaters with adjustable height adjustment, upper and lower heating can be programmed, visualization system with the ability to magnify up to 50 times, as well as connect up to 3 thermocouples for monitoring soldering / desoldering process in real time.

Printed circuit board:
Minimum size 8x8mm
Maximum size 380x380mm
Recommended size 350x200mm
PP thickness 0.5mm-6mm
Mounted component:
The size MAX 50x50mm, MIN 2x2mm
Minimum BGA Ball Size 0.3mm
Installation accuracy ± 0.03mm
Heating system:
IR preheating zone 380x290mm (2700 W)
Top component heating Hot air 800 W
Bottom component heating Hot air 1200 W
Temperature control Type K thermocouples
Station characteristics:
Food Single phase, AC220V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 4800 Wt
Overall dimensions L610xW670xH900mm
The weight 68kg
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