Semi-automatic printer CD-65125

The printer is used to apply a liquid solder mask or marking paint to the surface of a PCB blank. The unit is equipped with a table on which the workpiece is fixed, a frame holder that automatically moves the frame up and down, and two automatic squeegees with independent drives. Micrometric table screws allow you to accurately align the pattern on the mesh stencil with the workpiece.


The printer is controlled by a programmable logic controller. Working hours
printer is selected on the control panel. The operator only changes the workpieces on the table and gives a signal by pressing the pedal to start the printing cycle.

The squeegee horizontal travel drive is equipped with a frequency converter, so the speed and travel length of the squeegees can be adjusted.

The frame is lifted along two guides located on the right and left edges of the frame. This makes it possible to raise the frame not vertically, but sequentially: first one edge of the frame, and then the other. Such a measure greatly facilitates the separation of the mesh from the workpiece, and ensures a more uniform application of the mask (paint).

The printer table is made of stainless steel. There is a scale on the table that allows you to accurately position the workpieces. In the modification of the printer intended for applying a solder mask, the table is automatically shifted in a small range along the X and Y axes. The table is shifted between the first and second squeegee passes. Such a measure ensures the most thorough, without gaps, application of the mask to the surface of the workpiece, as well as more complete filling of small-diameter holes with the mask.

The angle of inclination and pressure of each squeegee, as well as the gap between the screen and the workpiece, are easily adjusted.

he printer is equipped with protective guards to ensure operator safety.


  • Print area: 650 × 1250 mm
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: 700 × 1400 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 950 × 1700 mm
  • Workpiece thickness: 0.1-50.0 mm
  • Productivity: up to 800 workpieces per hour
  • Power supply: 380 Volts, 3 phases, 50 Hz, 3 kW
  • Pneumatic supply: 7 kg / cm²
  • Dimensions: 2100 × 1600 × 1900 mm
  • Weight: 700 kg
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