Kingboard Laminates company

Kingboard Laminates Group founded its first laminating plant in 1988 in Shenzhen (PRC) and began producing paper laminates in 1989. After that, the company embarked on a path of rapid growth. Kingboard Laminates has expanded production of new laminates, including glass epoxy and fire-resistant paper laminates. The group of companies expanded the production of key components of raw materials, including copper foil and fiberglass.

Currently, there are more than 20 manufacturing enterprises in southern and eastern China. The company plans further expansion in China to meet the growing demand for laminate and products from it, in connection with the growth of the global electronics market.

Kingboard Laminates is a leading manufacturer of electronic materials specializing in the production of laminates. According to the latest report released by Prismark Partners LLC, the Group maintains its No. 1 position in the world for the sixth consecutive year with a global market share of 14.3% in 2010.