Nouya company

Shanghai Nouya Copper Clad Laminate Co., Ltd. was established in June 2000. with a registered capital of 2.1 million US dollars. In July 2000, the company laid the foundation for the construction of the first plant.

Nouya is China’s first privately owned copper foil manufacturing company, mainly producing medium and high quality laminate, as well as base boards and gluing sheets, required for multi-layer printed circuit boards. The company’s products are used in aerospace electronics, automotive electronics, communications equipment, high-quality consumer electronics, as well as in many other areas. In domestic and foreign markets, the company’s products are in high demand and have a good reputation. Nouya is located in the Jiading District of Nanxiang Industrial District, has 3 factories. The company has always focused on quality service, a unique approach for each client, and careful product control.