RPA Process company

The task of the RPA Process is the technical activity in the field of galvanic production. High professionalism of employees allowed us to gain a reputation of a reliable partner with domestic enterprises.

Company Creed

An integrated approach and complete solution of technological problems of any degree of complexity in the field of electroplating. RPA Process carries out the development of projects, the manufacture and supply of equipment for the preparation of the surface of metals before applying both galvanic and paint coatings.


The ventilation, wastewater treatment and ventilation emissions systems developed by the company allow fulfilling almost any regional environmental standards, including senselessly strict ones. The company also has vast experience in creating completely drainless galvanic plants.

Specialists of the enterprise RPA Process are ready to perform the following work:

  1. Design and manufacture of galvanic equipment with any degree of automation for the tasks of the customer.
  2. Selection, manufacture and supply of individual items of equipment – electroplating baths, rectifiers, galvanic filters, chemical pumps (pneumatic, centrifugal), metering pumps and systems for the preparation of solutions.
  3. Production of galvanic baths and other containers for customers from modern chemically resistant polymer and structural materials (PP, PVC or PVDF, depending on the solution used).
  4. The development of ventilation systems made of plastic, the manufacture of plastic ducts and the supply of flexible ducts.
  5. Carrying out installation and commissioning works, after-sales service of supplied galvanic lines, supply of spare parts; supply of polypropylene pipes and fittings, sheet plastics.
  6. Technical re-equipment of galvanic lines and sections of domestic and foreign production.
  7. Design and manufacture of treatment facilities for industrial wastewater.
  8. Installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment systems.