PCB Equipment Drilling and Milling Machines

Features: Z-axis control system, automatic scribing positioning in two lines, high feed speed: 40 m / min.

Mape CNC-1 is a modular drilling and milling machine with numerical software used for drilling and milling PCBs.


SHODA PVD-550A High Speed Scribing Machine

Redesigned scribing model. Features Z-axis control system (automatic setting of the lintel thickness) Automatic positioning of scribing along two lines High feed speed: 40 m / min. Loader (option) / Unloader (enabled) High precision scribing with interruption (max. 7 interruptions per line) Easy-to-operate LCD touch screen monitor Large memory capacity up to 1000 programs PC […]


Installation of lintel thickness control SHODA VT-210

Performs accurate measurements of web thickness after scribing and prints the result. Reliable manufacturer, high quality!

Automatic scribing machine based on SHODA MVP-630A pins

Features: manual loading, safety sensor in the working area, control of the Z-axis by a servo drive, special clamping system for thin workpieces.


Scribing unit with optical basing system SHODA MVC-630M

Features: Direct fiducial / hole recognition reduces the error between scribed lines and workpiece topology.

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