PCB Equipment Electrical Control

Установки электрического контроля

Electrical control units ATG A5 Neo / A7

Unique multi-head test technology delivers outstanding speed and throughput performance in the open circuit board industry. The ATG A5 Neo and A7 handheld testers combine support for measurement technologies such as the Kelvin test and the low-maintenance high-voltage test. ATG Luther & Maelzer offers a wide range of different systems ranging from standard 8-head systems to oversized 24-head systems.

Автоматизированные тестовые системы

Automated test system ATG A7a

The ATG A7a is a fully automatic retrofit of the A7, combining automation with high throughput, making the Flying Probe finger testers ideal for mid-volume applications. The ATG A7a automated system has maximum flexibility, it can handle workpieces of various sizes. The hook can be equipped with clamping or tensioning bars for flexible boards.

Установка для электрического контроля печатных плат G

Installation for electrical control of printed circuit boards G

High performance PCB electrical inspection system with flying probes with two video cameras (one on each side) for fast and easy positioning of the PCB in the frame.


Electrical control system of boards G60

For quick and easy positioning of the printed circuit board in the frame, a fully automatic algorithm is used using two video cameras, one on each side.

Адаптерные системы электрического контроля плат GT 20-20

Adapter systems for electrical control of boards GT 20-20

The Model GT 20-20 Adapter Electrical Testing System has high flexibility for testing various types of boards. This system can be compatible with almost all types of adapters used in the PCB market.

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