PCB Equipment Loaders and unloaders

загрузчики и разгрузчики серии VE и PL

Automatic intelligent loaders / unloaders series VE / PL POLA E MASSA

Automatic loader / unloader VE / PL is designed for delicate loading / unloading of workpieces from a stack placed in a plastic container.

Автоматические загрузчики/разгрузчики серии VE

Automatic loaders / unloaders VE POLA E MASSA series

A very compact and easy-to-use loader / unloader, ideal for small productions.

Автоматические загрузчики/разгрузчики серии VTC

Automatic loaders / unloaders VTC POLA E MASSA series

Loaders have the ability to connect the “ready” signal from the line into which the unloading is performed and the ability to set the number of loaded blanks.

Автоматические разгрузчики серии VTC/IS с разделительными листами

VTC / IS series automatic unloaders with POLA E MASSA separating sheets

The unloader has the ability to connect the “ready” signal to the line from which the unloading is performed. The installation complies with European standards.

Автоматические загрузчики/разгрузчики серии VSC

VSC POLA E MASSA automatic loaders / unloaders

Loading / unloading of workpieces that do not allow contact (rigid and semi-flexible). The boards are in a tilted position and do not touch.

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