PCB Equipment Marking

Нанесение маркировки Kubomark

Machine for laser marking of printed circuit boards KUBOMARK

Installation KuboMark is designed for laser engraving of various information on printed circuit boards, microcircuits, and plastic surfaces.

Legend Printer

Inkjet marking printer Legend Printer CP 562 IMH

The process is controlled using modern electronic technology and allows you to spray drops of ink from each nozzle with high precision.


Installation of marking by the method of mechanical engraving with SHODA DNM-700A core

Passive mode for transferring the workpiece to the next unit without marking (in the case of integrating the unit into a single automated line)


Installation of automatic marking by stamping SHODA NM-700HA

The installation is equipped with a removable stamping head. Rotary die head available (optional). Setting the minimum workpiece thickness.

Sprint ™ Series

The latest generation of Sprint machines, based on the new DotStream Pro printing technology, achieves higher productivity than the competition.

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An important part of the identification system is the labeling of printed circuit boards, which makes it possible not only to track products at stages of the technological process, but also to use it at all stages of the life cycle.

The marking may contain information about the manufacturer, serial number, additional technological information, an indication of belonging to a particular type of device.
There are different ways of applying:

Classic – application of marking paint using a stencil.

Inkjet-drop – non-contact application, fully automatic, allows you to print up to four lines at a time.

Laser is a fully automated process, which, in addition to high accuracy of application, also allows you to check the marking for compliance.

Labeling is the most technologically accessible and inexpensive way, in which automated systems with a built-in printer are used, you can also glue labels manually when manufacturing small batches of printed circuit boards.