PCB Equipment Measuring instruments

Измерительная линейка ES-ESM

Measuring ruler ES / ESM

ESM / ES is an electronic precision measuring ruler with a measuring accuracy of 0.01 mm.


Portable densitometer X-Rite 341

X-Rite 341 is designed for measuring black and white transparent originals. Allows you to measure optical density and percentage of area coverage on conventional films and films with high optical density.

Х-Rite T

Table densitometer X-Rite T

The X-Rite 361T is designed for transmittance optical density measurements. Thousands of publishers, prepress agencies and printers use the 361T to monitor the quality of photographic film.

Устройство измерения температурных профилей Sensor Shuttle

Shuttle temperature profile measuring device

The Sensor Shuttle is designed to measure temperature profiles in reflow ovens and wave soldering systems. In addition to measuring the temperature, the units can measure the wetting profile and the conveyor speed.

Solderability Testing Device KH23

Solderability Testing Device KH23

This machine is used to test solderability and heat stress for PCB.

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