PCB Assembly Equipment

Автоматическая высокоточная установка совмещения Targomat IV

Automatic high-precision alignment unit Targomat IV

Targomat IV by PrintProcess AG (Switzerland) is a two-spindle high-precision machine for drilling base holes and measurements. Specially designed measuring lenses and improved software algorithm make it possible to receive and process an image with an accuracy of 0.001 mm.

Полуавтоматическая установка сборки пакета МПП и сварки перед прессованием

Semi-automatic installation for assembling the MPP package and welding before pressing

Thanks to the new shape of the welding tips, a large bonding area and strength are achieved. With 32 temperature controlled welding tips, a very good bond is obtained, especially on thin multilayer bags.

Автоматическая система склёпывания пакетов МПП Rivomat

Automatic riveting system MPP Rivomat

Automatic riveting system for multilayer PCB packages assembled from inner layers and prepreg, with pre-drilled holes for riveting Rivomat II.

Установка для вскрытия реперных знаков Targomil

Targomil fiducial opening machine

Installation for opening the fiducial marks of the inner layers of laminated workpieces of multilayer printed circuit boards with one or two electromechanical milling spindles.

Стол для сборки пакетов МПП

Table for assembling MPP packages

Table for assembling MPP packages with subsequent bonding of the assembled layers with adhesive.

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