PCB Equipment Finishing coatings

Установка горячего лужения печатных плат LD-3000RZ

Installation of hot tinning of printed circuit boards LD-3000RZ

Hot tinning machines are designed for tinning printed circuit boards with subsequent removal of excess solder with hot air. The pre-coated board is plunged vertically into the molten solder bath. With the reverse movement of the tin-plated board upward from the bath, excess solder is removed from the surface and the holes are cleaned using hot air (“air knives”).

Настольная установка флюсования NTO 604

Benchtop fluxing unit NTO 604

The NTO 604 fluxing unit is used to apply a thin layer of flux to the printed circuit board, which ensures the subsequent high-quality tinning of the circuit board in HASL type hot tinning installations. The application of the flux is carried out with rollers, which allow the required amount of flux to be applied to the surface of the board.

Флюсователи печатных плат HDF

Horizontal Flux Flux 2400

The Flux 2400 is an operator-friendly horizontal line for high quality flux application. Functionality such as adjustable pressure on the transport rollers, easy filling and emptying, electronic digital thermostat and transport speed are the advantages of this unit.

Флюсователи печатных плат HDF

PCB fluxers HDF Laif engineering (Germany)

The HDF series horizontal roller fluxing machines are specially designed for continuous fluxing of PCBs prior to the HAL (Hot Air Solder Alignment) process.

Настольная установка флюсования NTO-604

Desktop fluxing machine Lantronic B V Lan 604

It is used to apply flux to printed circuit boards before hot tinning. A feature of this model is the presence of soft brushes for a better flux application.