PCB Equipment Forming of radio element terminals

Установка формовки выводов компонентов HFRT-301FK

HFRT-301FK Lead Forming Machine

The HFRT-301FK is an economical solution for production tasks related to forming and cutting the axial terminals of radioelements that require a Zig-lock.

формовщик ar-106

Pneumatic moulder AR-106

The AR-106 uses two cylinders to form and cut different types of component leads. Forming and cutting of the output occurs due to the movement of the installed matrix, which is connected to the cylinders and controlled by a pedal.

Установка формовки выводов радиоэлементов CF-130

Installation of forming the leads of radioelements CF-130

Unique system for cutting and double forming radial component leads. Due to two independent molding tools, the system forms the terminals of radioelements with a ZIG-lock of any complexity.

Ручной станок резки выводов радиальных компонентов CF-101

Manual Radial Lead Cutting Machine CF-101

The machine works with components supplied in 12.7mm strips. Radial component leads are cut automatically.

Equipment for forming the leads of radioelements CF-120

System for cutting and forming radial component leads. Excellent for forming at an angle of 90 degrees (for installing components on a PCB while lying), front and rear ZIG-lock.

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