PCB Equipment Incubators


Incubator with shaker for microtiter plates SI505

Allows 80% relative humidity when using the supplied trays. This indicator is a powerful argument for long incubation.


Orbital Shaker Incubator SI500

Equipped with digital LED display for setting temperature and time, built-in timer. The extendable platform allows for convenient loading and unloading.

Инкубатор для планшетов SI19

Incubator for plates SI19

This compact incubator model is specially designed for a small number of plates, Petri dishes, vials. It is distinguished by its small dimensions – 38x38x45 cm.

Лабораторный инкубатор с орбитальным шейкером для больших объемов SI600

Laboratory incubator with orbital shaker for large volumes SI600

The angle of inclination of the tubes can be changed up to 30 °. Universal mounting system allows you to securely fix the flasks in the tripod.

Модель US Autoflow

Incubator DH Autoflow NU-5500, NU-5510

The body of the CO2 incubator is made of stainless steel, covered with a resistant polyurethane powder paint and has a high-density outer insulation of the working chamber.

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