PCB Equipment Installation

Полуавтоматическая установка микросварки JFP WB-200-1

Semi-automatic micro welding machine JFP Microtechnic WB-200-1

The JFP WB200 system is a programmable benchtop ball-wedge and wedge-wedge microwelding system. The presence of a vertical digital camera with adjustable video focus and digital crosshairs allows you to accurately form the welding point.

Экономичная система пайки в паровой фазе SV 260

Economical Vapor Soldering System SV 260

The SV 260 Vapor Phase Soldering System is supplied as a benchtop version and is designed for use in pilot and small-scale production environments. With its compact size, it offers all the advantages of vapor phase soldering technology, ensuring the highest soldering quality and repeatability.

Системы пайки в паровой фазе BLC

BLC vapor soldering systems

IBL’s Premium Series Vapor Brazing Systems (BLC models) are the most advanced vapor phase furnaces on the market today.

Системы пайки в паровой фазе VAC

VAC Soldering Systems

The design of the IBL VAC brazing systems, in addition to the capabilities of the Premium series ovens, also includes a patented vacuum chamber.

Системы пайки в паровой фазе CX600/CX800

CX600 / CX800 Vapor Phase Soldering Systems

IBL CX Vapor Phase Soldering Systems are designed for assembly line operation, bringing all the benefits of this technology to batch and mass production.

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