PCB Equipment Mechanical surface treatment

Зачистные машины Ottomat Otto Dilg

Ottomat strippers Otto Dilg

The units are equipped with automatic adjustment of the pressure of the scraping rollers. The stripping machine is operated on a touch screen.


WB-121 Pressure Blast Manufacturing Automatic Wet Sandblasting Machine

The unit is designed for cleaning, creating microroughnesses, removing epoxy deposits in the holes of the MPP and removing burrs.


Unibloc Automatic Surface Preparation / Deburring Machine

With over 30 years of experience in stainless steel conveyor lines, Pola & Massa is the manufacturer of one of the most sought-after and reliable Unibloc series deburring machines.


Automatic installation for surface planarization EVO-3000

The new EVO-3000 stainless steel machine is designed to produce a flat surface with specified roughness parameters.

Модульные линии

Modular lines for surface preparation

The modular solution allows you to design your installation from ready-made and proven Pola & amp; Massa modules. It is possible to combine them into a complete unattended installation, controlled by Russian-language software on the touch screen. Existing modules and: Machined surface 2/4 or 6 pairs of shafts; Ultrasonic cleaning with high pressure washing; Flushes […]

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