PCB Equipment Moisture protection and dosing

Система селективной влагозащиты

Selective moisture protection system NS-800

Высокопроизводительная система селективного нанесения материалов NS-800 оснащена прецизионной системой контроля сервоприводов. Возможна установка различных типов клапанов, камеры высокого разрешения, системы контроля уровня материала в емкости.

Система селективного населения влагозащитных покрытий

Selective Population System for Waterproof Coatings NS-360/460

NS Series Selective Moisture Protection Systems (360/460) use precision servo drives and a special head, with the ability to install up to 3 application valves, which in turn have a tilt function.

система селективной влагозащитызащиты

Tabletop Selective Moisture Protection System AD-200

The AD-200 system is a benchtop system for the selective application of waterproof coatings. The AD-200 is equipped with a precision spray valve that is capable of handling up to 99% of PCB assembly tasks with one-part waterproof coatings.

Система селективного нанесения влагозащитных покрытий

SC-800 Four-Axis Selective Coating System

The SC-800 Selective Moisture Protection System is designed for high-precision application of materials to printed circuit assemblies and other products. A unique valve with the ability to change the application method directly in the process allows you to automate the most complex work on moisture protection of printed circuit assemblies.

Автоматы высокоточного дозирования Dispense

Dispense high precision dosing machines

DispenseMate 580 series machines are designed for the application of various types of process materials, including solder pastes, adhesives, solder masks, conductive adhesives and sealing materials by dispensing.

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