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Проявочные машины Echo Graphic

Echo Graphic Developers

Hope / Carnfeldt Developers are renowned for their reliability and ease of use and maintenance. They are specially designed for Kodak to meet PCB manufacturing requirements.

фотоплоттер DX2026

DX2026 Laser Drum Photoplotter

The DX2026 laser photoplotter is designed to form an image on photographic films of various manufacturers. The photomasks made on this equipment allow replicating the image on the surface of printed circuit boards up to the 7th grade of accuracy.

Установка для пробивки базовых отверстий

Installation for punching base holes in the photomask CIR Graphics T108

The installation makes it possible to sequentially punch the required number of holes in the photomask with an accuracy of at least 15 microns. The photomask is fixed on the desktop using a vacuum clamp and is manually aligned using three micrometric screws, guided by the image on the monitor of the fiducial mark, which is illuminated from below through a hole in the die of the punching unit.

Стеллаж для хранения фотошаблонов Moderne

Moderne Photomask Storage Rack

For permanent storage of photomasks, a special stationary rack with removable packages is placed at the photo printing area. The rack is sectional and prefabricated and has dimensions from 1060 x 650 x 2000 (height) mm. Optional height of supporting frames: 2000, 2500 or 3000 mm.

FP-25000 XL

Photoplotter FP-25000 XL

Small-sized raster photoplotter FP-25000 XL, CADWare Czech Republic is designed for users who need to make photomasks quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Despite its small overall dimensions and low output speed, the photoplotter allows you to get very high quality results. The surprisingly low price of a product is the sum of complex technical solutions and low production costs.

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