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Installation of punching base holes in photomasks PinLam SF-OPT

The PinLam SF-OPT machine is designed for punching base holes in photomasks for the production of printed circuit boards.

Установка пробивки отверстий во вспомогательных материалах PinLam SP

Installation of punching holes in auxiliary materials PinLam SP

PinLam SP is designed for punching base holes in prepreg, buffer material, triacetate foil, etc. before assembling the multilayer PCB package.

Bungard FilmStar Photoplotter

Small-sized raster photoplotter FilmStar is designed for users who need to produce film illustrations quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. In addition to Gerber files (both standard and extended), the FilmStar photoplotter also works with TIFF data generated by the Eagle ™ ® design system and high resolution BMP files that you can export from well-known programs such as Corel Draw ™ ® or similar. Despite its small overall dimensions and low output speed, the photoplotter allows you to get very high quality results.

Плёночный перфоратор Bungard

Film Punch Bungard

This device is intended for punching holes in film photomasks using fiducial marks.

Лазерный растровый фотоплоттер VTS9008

Laser Raster Photoplotter VTS9008

Raster laser photoplotter VTS9008 is designed to output photomasks used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and liquid crystal displays. During the withdrawal of the photomask, the film is wound on a metal drum and held on it by means of a vacuum.

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