PCB Equipment Pressing

Атмосферный пресс RMP-210

Atmospheric press RMP-210 (EU)

This high performance atmospheric press is designed for the production of multilayer PCBs in the laboratory. It allows you to quickly prototype multilayer boards with up to 6 to 8 layers in full compliance with industry standards.

DAL 10

Semi-automatic unit for feeding layers for assembly

The use of this unit in the technological process allows avoiding the risk of incorrect arrangement of the inner layers and prepreg sheets during the MPP assembly operation. The DAL series was developed to complement the MPP AMM 10 and AMM 20 spot welding machines, which are well known to PCB manufacturers.

Вакуумный пресс VIGOR

Vacuum press VIGOR

VIGOR is one of the leading manufacturers of press equipment for MPP. A wide range of presses and peripheral equipment is produced to provide a set of optimal requirements for each specific type of production.

Вакуумный пресс и участки прессования МПП Lauffer

Vacuum press and press sections MPP Lauffer

LAUFFER has been specializing in the production of pressing equipment for 125 years. The company produces both single presses intended for small manufacturers of MPPs, and powerful modern multi-press complexes consisting of hot and cold presses and operating under a single computer control.


Vacuum press with electric heating and water cooling LAMEV 100

The frame of the press is a frame structure made of thick-walled steel plates. To reliably create and maintain a vacuum, all hinged and enclosing elements are attached through a heat-resistant elastic seal. The back of the press is covered with an aluminum cover. The working chamber is accessed through a swing door. Safety measures in accordance with the requirements of EU directives.

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