PCB Repair Equipment

автоматическая ремонтная система

Automatic rework station BGA NS-PRO-880 +

Automatic BGA rework station NS-PRO-880 + is equipped with a camera with 100x magnification, 4 thermocouples for building and controlling a thermal profile in real time, 12 heating zones, as well as servos from Panasonic® that allow positioning, dismantling, installation and soldering components automatically.

Ремонтный центр

Repair Center BGA ECO-S550

The ECO-S550 entry level rework station allows you to solder and desolder various components, including microcircuits. This BGA station has a number of advantages over commonly used soldering stations.

ремонтная станция

Repair station BGA NS-PRO-650

The most popular system for repairing microcircuits on printed circuit boards, such as BGA, QFP, SOIC, etc.

Ремонтная станция

Repair station BAS-400

A new system for the safe repair of microcircuits on printed circuit boards such as BGA, QFP, SOIC, etc. BAS-400 provides high precision, repeatable quality of the process. The system is easy to operate and configure, has a friendly interface.

Ремонтный центр с монтажной станцией

Repair center ERSA IR 550 A with assembly station PL 550 A

Repair center ERSA IR 550 A with microprocessor control. High-precision assembly station PL 550 A (for joint work with the repair center).

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