PCB Equipment Wet processes

Устройство фильтрации воды

Water filtration device UF-2

The UF-2 filtration unit and water circulation in the stripping module will remove up to 90% of the copper formed during the treatment from wastewater.

Установка отмывки заготовок печатных плат ARGUS PC 3020/PC3030

Installation of cleaning of PCB blanks ARGUS PC3020 / PC3030

The unit for washing blanks is made of stainless steel, has two successively located washing chambers and a drying chamber.

Установка травления распылением CHEMCUT модель 2800

CHEMCUT spray etching unit model 2800

The CHEMCUT 2800 etching unit is designed for chemical processing of thin metal workpieces, chemical engraving on nameplates and etching.

Компактные установки травления распылением CHEMCUT 2300

CHEMCUT 2300 Compact Spray Etching Plants

The Chemcut 2300 is a compact double-sided horizontal spray pickle with conveyor.

Горизонтальная линия очистки отверстий

Horizontal hole cleaning line

Blanks of printed circuit boards are 100% sonicated and in subsequent operations. The line capacity is 50-100 pieces per hour.

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