AOI Camtek Orion 828-WR for pcb production

Number: 402156

Used equipment, produced in 2008. The unit is in excellent technical condition, fully operational and ready for use.

PCB Technology Down: to 50 µm line/space
Throughput: Up to 90 sides/hour (application dependent) based on 24”x18” (610mm x 457mm) panel size
Panel Size (Maximum): 30”x24”(762mm x 610mm)
Panel Thickness Range: 1 – 200mil ( 0.025mm – 5mm )
Panel Types and Designs: Inner and out layers; build-up and sequential lamination layer including Signal, Analog, P&G,
Mixed, Cross-Shield, Laser drilled layer and other

Material Inspected: All copper foil types; Copper plating;  Gold plating ; Teflon and
Ceramics(optional) Silver-Halide and Diazo, Alternative Oxide-Durabond

Detectable Defect Types: Open and Short-circuit, Nick, Mouse-bite, Protrusion, Pinhole, Island, Dish-down, Line/Space
width violations, Annular ring violations, Extra and Missing features

Reference Source Data: CAM
Tooling: Pin-less
Operation System: Window XP™
Verification & Repair Methods: Inspectify™; Offline verification station

Dimensions Orion 828
Height 68.5”(1740mm)
Width 71.7”(1820mm)
Length 68.1”(1730mm)
Weight 850kg
Power 100/240 VAC; 50/60Hz; 2.5Kw

Compressed Air: 6ATM, 10L/min
Temperature and Humidity: 22±3℃; 50±10%RH

Price on request.

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