Drilling and milling machine WESSEL ProSys 1 for pcb production

Number: 9016

WESSEL’s drilling and milling machines allow drilling holes of very small diameter with great accuracy.
ProSys 1 is the latest high-tech multi-spindle drilling and milling machine manufactured by WESSEL, designed for the production of boards for small and large series. The model is characterized by high reliability and ease of use.  


Wessel ProSys 1 uses in the production of printed circuit boards with high requirements for accuracy and ease of operation.

Installation properties

  • Maximum ergonomics
  • Easy and quick change of workpieces
  • Short setup time
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Illuminates the work area
  • Simple observation of the process
Technical parameters:
Drilling accuracy, mm +/- 0.015
Compressed air pressure, bar 7
Resolution, mm X/Y/Z 0.001
Dimensions, mm 1200 x 1900 x 1950
Weight, kg 2500

Price on request.

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