Exposure unit ACCUTRAY OLEC AT 30 – 349 for pcb production

Number: 402560

High-precision installation with automatic alignment of photomasks Accutray Olec AT-30.

Bilateral optical alignment by fiducial marks using 4 movable video cameras;

Double-sided exposure of soldermask, outer and inner layers in one machine without the need for reconfiguration;

Characteristics of Accutray Olec AT-30:

  • Alignment accuracy ± 5 µm;
  • Positioning accuracy ± 2 µm;
  • Repeatability ± 2 µm;
  • Job change < 1 min;
  • Statistical process control with output of registration measurement;

Accutray Olec AT-30 alignment system:

  • Software-defined position of CCD-cameras for alignment;
  • Checking alignment before and after applying vacuum;
  • Registration and combination by two or more fiducial marks.

Accutray Olec AT-30 features:

  • The automatic exposure frame is designed for convenient and easy maintenance.
  • Rigid construction, reliable in use, long service life of various parts and mechanisms of the machine.

Accutray Olec AT-30 Connection Requirements:

  • Electricity connection: 380V 50A
  • Compressed air: 7-8 bar

Price on request.

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