HASL machine Lantronic 204 for pcb production

Number: 9044

The hot air solder leveling unit is designed for leveling printed circuit boards with tin-lead solder. Pre-coated with flux board vertically immersed in a bath of molten solder. With the reverse movement of the Board from the bath upwards, excess solder is removed from the surface and the holes with the help of hot air (“air knives”).

The structure of the machine includes: insulated solder tank with a volume of 200 kg, a pump for stirring the solder and a system for draining the used flux; solder temperature control system; adjusting the immersion time of the board, adjusting the blowing time with knives; automatically rising protective glass hatch, the pedal of fixing the board in the machine.

Technical data:

Overall dimensions (W*D*H), mm 1170*620*1820
Installation material

Stainless steel

The size of the stock minimum

70*50 mm

Board size, max


The thickness of the board, mm

0,1 – 7,0

Температура нагрева

макс. 300  ͦС

Heating temperature – max. 300 °C

350 boards / h

Price on request.

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