Packing machine for PCB Sfere for pcb production

Number: 17702

Packing machine for PCB Sfere. The mashine is in excellent condition, fully functional and ready for shipment from our warehouse in Russia.

Height 1400 mm
Width 800 mm
Length 1420 mm
Working field 370 * 490 mm
Conveyor height adjustment 0-80 mm
maximum package thickness 180 mm
WxL workpieces up to 170 mm thick 360×480 mm
WxL workpieces with a thickness of 170-180 mm 300×350 mm
Length of a roll with film up to 580mm
Roll diameter up to 240 mm
The temperature in the baking chamber is up to 200 degrees
Conveyor speed up to 4 m / min

Price on request.

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