Universal grid testing machine ATG A3030 for pcb production

Number: 402533

This type of equipment is used to test workpieces for gaps and short circuits of the conductive pattern. A feature of the ATG A3030 model is the use of precise positioning of workpieces using optical alignment of marks located on the outer layers. The use of the four-probe method in the work of the ATG A3030 is of interest for testing high-precision boards for transient resistances between layers.

Specifications ATG A3030:

    • Working area size: 406×325 mm
    • Minimum boards size: 50×50 mm
    • Maximum boards thickness: 4mm
    • 4-wire Test Method

ATG A3030 test parameters features:

    • Test voltage: 40-250V
    • Continuity testing: 10Ω – 10KΩ
    • Short circuit test: 100KΩ – 100MΩ
    • Four-probe testing: 100Ω-10MΩ

ATG A3030 Connection Requirements:

    • Power: 380V 4000VA
    • Compressed air: 6.5-7.5 bar
    • Humidity: 45%-55%
    • Temperature: 28-22 C

Weight: 2045kg

Price on request.

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