Lamps for exposure PCB equipment

Heraeus RQ 6138 Z4 KC

OEM Part Number: 56070822
Fill: Mercury
Quartz: Standard
Arc Length: 160mm
Overall Length: 248 mm
Current: 14 A
Lamp Voltage: 400 V

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600 €

Number: 11000005

State: New

Amount: 10

MH Strahler Q 5228 Z4 – 6611

Ultraviolet lamp MH Strahler Q 5228 Z4 – 6611 new Beltron V-69

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520 €

Number: 11000002

State: New

Amount: 8

MH Strahler Q 2123 Z4

UV LampVoltage 220 Current 9 A

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800 €

Number: 11000006

State: New

Amount: 5

Heraeus Q 2829/104 Z4

Heraeus MH-Strahler Q 2829/104 Z4

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500 €

Number: 11000004

State: New

Amount: 2

Bacher FAPS 600

Complete Lamp unit for Bacher FAPS 600 machine

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1900 €

Number: 11000007

State: Used

Amount: 1

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Most analog copiers use halogen lamps for exposure. They have good brightness and good working life. These lamps use heat to generate light and contain a small amount of halogen gas. Halogen enhances brightness and prolongs lamp life.

Most halogen bulbs have a tungsten filament. This metal has a high melting point.
To make the best use of halogen lamps, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of halogen lamps and the factors that affect their longevity.

Voltage. The voltage level specified in the specifications must be maintained. This is important for correct exposure of the drum surface and maximum filament durability.

Dirt. Dirt creates hot spots on the lamp surface. The hot spot can overheat the filament, reducing filament and lamp life.

Sparking ducts. If the lamp is incorrectly installed, it can interrupt the electrical circuit. Then you will have to replace the lamp and connecting contacts.