Motors for PCB equipment

Groschopp KM 94-60/ WK 0723604

Groschopp KM 94-60/ WK 0723604 motor180V , 1,3A , 170W , 4000 min-1 ,with gearhead type SG 300 / B3

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400 €

Number: 1000023

State: Used

Amount: 10

Berger RSM 842/3 B FK

Gear motor Berger RSM 842/3 B FK

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300 €

Number: 1000031

State: Used

Amount: 9

Brook Hansen GFNB4B5-UD63SBH-4G

Gear motor Brook Hansen GFNB4B5-UD63SBH-4G, 0,18kW, rpm 1680/330

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300 €

Number: 1000027

State: Used

Amount: 6

Dunkermotoren Gr 42X40

Motor 24 v 3100 rpm In 1.22 A Iim 10.5 A

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150 €

Number: 1000018

State: Used

Amount: 6

Stober GFMO – 8/6

Stober GFMO-8/6 gear motor, 160V, 1.2A, 150W, 3000 min-1, IP 44 Gear No. C002N0500G63L 1, i = 49.944, M2 20 Num, n2 60 1 / min, n1 = 3000 1 / min

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600 €

Number: 1000024

State: Used

Amount: 5

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Motors convert some form of energy into mechanical work. Motors are divided into primary, that is, converting natural energy resources into mechanical work, and secondary, converting energy generated or accumulated by other sources.

Energy sources used


DC (DC electric machine that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy).

alternating current ( synchronous is an alternating current electric machine, the rotor speed of which corresponds to the air rotation of the magnetic field in the gap. Asynchronous is an alternating current electric motor, the rotation speed of which does not correspond to the rotation speed of the magnetic field created by the current in the stator winding.)







Motors can convert the received energy into the following types of motion:

rotary motion of solids

act firmly

reciprocating motion of solids

jet engine

other types of movement.

Electric motors providing translational and / or reciprocating motion of a rigid body: