Sensors for PCB equipment

Unknown The liquid level sensor is float, reed switch.

The liquid level sensor is float, reed switch. polypropylene is 25cm long. The length of the cable is 2m. Diameter 12mm

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30 €

Number: 7000002

State: Used

Amount: 17

Unknown Temperature sensor is chemically resistant.

Temperature sensor. PTFE tube 1m long. 1 m cable.

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40 €

Number: 7000020

State: Used

Amount: 16

Unknown The inductance sensor is chemically resistant.

The inductance sensor is chemically resistant. PTFE tube and polypropylene box.

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50 €

Number: 7000019

State: Used

Amount: 11

Unknown High temperature sensor

High temperature sensor

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80 €

Number: 7000018

State: Used

Amount: 10

temperature sensor. ORZ-195045T100A

temperature sensor

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50 €

Number: 7000015

State: Used

Amount: 10

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Sensors and sensors in PCB manufacturing equipment help to set up automatic control of various pieces of equipment based on the performance of the sensors.

Sensor types:

By measuring method : Active (generator), passive (parametric)

By the dynamic nature of conversion signals : discrete, continuous

By type of measuring signals : Analog, digital

By signal transmission medium : wired, wireless

By the number of input quantities : one-dimensional, multi-dimensional

By the number of measuring functions : single-function, multifunction

By the number of transformations of energy and substance : single-stage, multi-stage

By the presence of compensatory feedback : compensatory, non-compensatory

By interaction with information sources : contact, contactless

By the principle of operation : fiber-optic, optical, magnetoelectric, piezoelectric, strain gauge, capacitive, potentiometric, inductive

By manufacturing technology : Elemental, integral

By measured parameter : sensors of absolute pressure, excess pressure, vacuum, pressure-vacuum, differential pressure, hydrostatic pressure; Mechanical flow meters, differential meters, ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, Coriolis flow meters, vortex flow meters; Float, conductometric, capacitive, radar, ultrasonic; thermocouple, resistance thermometer, pyrometer, heat flow sensor; Conductometers;
Ionization chamber, direct charge sensor; Absolute encoder, relative encoder, LVDT; Contact, contactless; Photoresistance, photodiode, photomatrix; Selsin, angle-code converter, RVDT; Vibration acceleration, vibration velocity, vibration displacement sensor; Relative expansion of the rotor, absolute expansion;